Possibility & Purpose Coaching

Purpose Assessment & Coaching

Purpose-oriented leaders are more fulfilled, clearer in decision-making, and tend to advance in the careers. 

As a Certified Purpose Coach for Imperative, I offer an online assessment that gives you insight into your purpose: Who do you wish to impact in the world? Why do you do what you do? How can you engage in work that is meaningful?

Even more powerful is a team purpose profile that supports your team in exploring your individual purpose drivers and how to leverage them to achieve more together.

For more information, email me at michael@michaelnobleza.com.


Create New Possibilities Through Design Thinking

Need help in thinking outside of the box? Or perhaps you want to figure out how to move from ideas to concrete action steps?

Design thinking is a process of creative brainstorming that allows to generate new ideas and solutions and to zero in on the solution that you’d like to move forward with.

I’ve been trained in the design thinking process as taught by IDEO and the Stanford d.school.

If you’d like to explore if design thinking might support your personal development or professional work, please email me at michael@michaelnobleza.com.


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